Voice & Data Communications are the cornerstone of any successful business.  For businesses to achieve a level of success, their current communications network must operate properly and meet the user’s needs.  As technology advances, these same businesses will have the need to look at possible upgrades within their facilities.  With Fiber Optic cabling and High Speed Copper becoming the future for communications mediums, businesses will discover a whole new world.  And with this whole new world comes a whole new way of doing business. A smart cabling or wireless decision can pay for itself many times over its lifetime. The alternative can mean pulling all new cable every few years. Careful planning can help you avoid all that.

Bestcom offers systems using components from state of the art manufacturers in the industry.  Our work is of the highest quality, based on industry standards and practices:

* Voice and Data Cabling
* Fiber Optic Cabling
* Video Cabling
* Indoor and Outdoor
* Overhead Paging system
* Cabling installation and design that meets category 5e and category 6 specifications
* Assistance with developing budgets and designs for voice, data, and video projects.
* Audit of existing data, voice, and video cable infrastructure
* Design of data, voice, video, and paging for new construction
* Telecommunications closet design and construction