Can I have multiple locations use one phone system?

Yes, with the ESI-Link feature, office in different locations can be interconnected and communicate of a point to point network. This avoids having to make long distance calls and makes it possible to share telephone services.

I travel a lot for my company, can I take a telephone out of my office and use it on the road?

Yes, with a 48-Key IP Feature Phone, you can use your phone wherever there is a high speed internet connection. Also, with VIP7 Softphone, your laptop can be used to connect to the office phone system and be used as an off-premise extension.

Can I see/test the product before purchasing?

Yes, we can arrange for an on-site demonstration or if you prefer, you can see the product in our demo room located at our facility in West Palm Beach, FL.

How much would a new/used phone system cost me?

Our sales and engineering team can tailor a system to meet every budget. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Does Bestcom offer service contracts?

Yes, Bestcom offers maintenance agreements to service your equipment, both labor and parts can be included, 24/7/365.

What type of phone systems do you service?

Bestcom currently services the following; ESI IVX; ESI Communication Servers; Panasonic 576/HD; Panasonic DBS.

I have a used phone system, does Bestcom purchase used phone system?

Yes, we can offer a trade in for a new phone system or an outright purchase. Please contact us and we can discuss the market value and payment terms for your used phone system.

I don't know if I have the proper cabling for my voice or data network.

A Bestcom cabling specialists can visit your location to do a free cabling survey and consultation.

My phone bills are confusing and I think I am spending too much for my voice or data services, can you help?

Yes, Bestcom and its service partners can analyze and explain what you are paying and make suggestions on cost reduction and improved services.

What happens if my phone system is not functioning properly on a night or weekend?

Call Bestcom at 561.681.9900, you will be guided through our automated system to an on-call technician. They are available 24/7/365.

We want to monitor entry/exit to our building and some of the areas in our facility need to be secure, how can you help?

With ESI’s Presence Management, Bestcom can provide a system that uses access cards or fobs to control electronic locks on doors and provide reports on entry/exit as well as having the ability to schedule access to each door. Cards and fobs are serialized and can be removed from service without having to rekey locks.

I need a video surveillance system, can you help?

With ESI’s Media Manager, Bestcom can install cameras that are integrated with your ESI Communication Server, to provide an all-in-one service in real time and recorded video surveillance and integration to ESI’s Presence Management.

We need to record all of the conversations in our customer service department for training, legal, and order confirmation services.

With ESI’s Media Manager, Bestcom can provide call logging services that will automatically or manually record all or selected conversations. Please contact our sales department for more information.

We are a law firm and we need to bill clients for phone calls made by our firm on their behalf.

With ESI’s Media Manager, Bestcom can provide detailed call accounting reports that will include time spent, caller ID, outgoing called number, as well as account code information. Bestcom also offers Tapit EX that can be used on various phone systems to provide call accounting reports.

I manage a real estate office, how can I provide my agents with personal fax numbers?

Bestcom can provide each agent’s faxes to be converted and sent as an email through our FaxFinder product. Call our sales team for more information.

We are in a small office and have confidential meetings, what can we do to mask the sound?

Bestcom can install sound masking speakers to create white noise that will mask conversations. Call our sales team for more information.

We have a warehouse with loud and heavy machinery, how can we contact our employees?

Bestcom can strategically place paging horns throughout the warehouse so that announcements can be heard by warehouse employees. We also can provide cordless telephones that can be integrated into the ESI Communication Server.

I would like to have entertainment for patients in the waiting room, how can you help?

Bestcom can install speakers for background music and provide cabling for satellite or cable television.

I have a sales force that works out of the office, how can they be notified when they have voicemails?

With ESI’s Mobile Messaging, voicemails can be converted into WAV files and emailed to your sales person or the entire department. This will allow you to easily store voicemails on a hard disk and the ability to forward messages to other people.

We need a speakerphone in our conference room, what are your suggestions?

Bestcom recommends Polycom’s full-duplex speakerphones for high end speakerphone applications. ESI also has a digital or IP full-duplex speakerphone.

A full-duplex, or sometimes double-duplex system, allows communication in both directions, and, unlike half-duplex, allows this to happen simultaneously.

There are several benefits to using full-duplex over half-duplex. First, time is not wasted, since no frames need to be retransmitted, as there are no collisions in the conversation. Second, the full voice capacity is available in both directions because the send and receive functions are separated. Third, each party does not have to wait until others complete their conversation.

We are moving our offices, can you quote a price to cable the new location and move our telephone system?

Yes, please contact us, we will survey your new office for voice/data/video cabling requirements at no charge and give you a competitive quote on your pending move.

We are changing our service provider, do we need to contact Bestcom?

Yes, please contact us, we will help to make the transition to the new carrier easier. We will also need to connect the existing phone equipment, fax machines, credit card machines, alarm systems, and any other device, to the new service.

I need to add a phone to my existing phone system, what do I need to do?

Call Bestcom’s service department, we will dial in to your phone system to determine the card configuration to make sure it will support additional phones. We will then quote you the cost of adding additional phones.

What does the .pro extension on your website URL mean?

pro is a generic top-level domain in the Domain Name System of the Internet intended for use by qualified professionals. Following consultation with ICANN, the domain was relaunched with a wider remit to include government certified professionals in all countries. Registrants are required to self-certify their professional status and agree to terms of use before registration, then subsequently provide detailed license information.

The official domain website describes the eligibility criteria as follows:

  • Applicant provides professional services
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