Once contracted Bestcom will ask you a series of questions to pre program your new phones to work best for your business needs.

This will include:

1- The setup of all handling and answer rules for each of the telephone numbers assigned to your account.

2-The custom button programming for each user’s extension.

3-The setup and recording of your company’s auto attendants.

4-Any user’s preset call forwarding as needed when the phone is busy, not answered or off line.

5-Setup each user’s initial login and passwords for the dashboard and voice mail.

6-Enable voicemail to email for each user as required.



Bestcom will be readily available to answer questions and make programming changes by phone (561)681-9900 or email [email protected]

If you are having trouble with your phones the contacts to ESI Hosted support by phone is

(800) 491-3609 option 3 or from any ESI hosted phone dial 611. The ESI support team is available 24/7/365

To check any system outages and events the ESI portal is



The user instruction videos for the Hosted PBX are available on line at YouTube on the ESI-ESTECH channel.

There will be a user guide included in the box containing your phone.

Bestcom will be available to answer any questions and provide ongoing support.

If you require additional instructions a WEBEX online training session can be scheduled by Bestcom with an ESI representative to provide detailed training.



To login to your dashboard enter

Enter your login name and password provided to you by Bestcom.

The directions for dialing an outside number:

  • Pickup the handset or press the SPEAKER button,
  • For a local number simply dial the 7 digit number and then dial #
  • For a long distance or 800 numbers dial the 10 digit number and then dial #
  • For International dialing contact Bestcom

The directions for dialing inside numbers

  • Dial the extension number then dial #
  • The directions for answering your phone when it is ringing
  • Pickup the handset or press the speaker button

The directions for logging into your voicemail

  • Press the blue VOICEMAIL button on your phone and then dial your password plus #
  • You can then listen to any voice mails as well as recording your outgoing messages.

The directions to set up a Premier user’s conference bridge

  • To dial into a conference bridge dial 002 THEN YOUR EXTENSION NUMBER THEN # then dial your leader ID
  • For your guests dial THE DID NUMBER ASSIGNED then dial the participant ID
  • The leader ID and participant ID can be viewed and changed in the user dashboard under the Conferences tab - Settings