User Guides

My phone system is not working.

If there seems to be no power on going to the phones, check the outlet the phone system is plugged into. If the system is plugged into a battery backup/UPS, make sure it is turned on and that it is plugged into a working power outlet. Try to bypass the batter backup/UPS by plugging the phone system directly into the wall outlet. You may have a bad battery in the battery backup/UPS. To ensure the phone system is not at electrical risk, replace the battery backup/UPS as soon as possible.

If the phones and the phone system have power, try calling the telephone numbers that are connected to the phone system. If you get a busy signal or a service message from the service provider, contact your service provider. They can check the service remotely.

If you have power to the phone system and telephones, and hear ringing when you call your main telephone number, contact Bestcom for a tech to come on site. It could possibly a phone system issue or an issue with your carrier.

My voice mail message light is always on when there is no message, how do I remove/reset

DBS: Press the ON/OFF button, then AUTO, then FLASH, then the ON/OFF button.

576: Press the ON/OFF button, then dial * 5, then the ON/OFF button.

My phones are not ringing, what could be the problem?

Call your main number and see if you can get through. Make sure the phone system is not in night mode. Check and see if the line buttons flash without an audible ring. Check the voice mail system, make sure it is on and functioning. Reset the voicemail systems. Call carrier and have them check telephone lines or T1/PRI service. If you are still have issues after these troubleshooting techniques, please contact Bestcom.

How do I change the date and/or time on my system?

DBS: From extension 100 or 10, press ON/OFF, press PROG, ##, FF1 (line 1). Then dial 1, #, 2, #. Enter the HOUR and MINUTES (use military time), then #. Press ON/OFF.

576: Press ON/OFF from any display phone. Press PROG, ** 9999 to enter programming. Dial 81001 (Dial 81000 for DATE), then HOLD. Enter HHMM  (military time) or YY/MM/DD then HOLD, Press ON/OFF.

Amanda: Go to voice mail computer, press ALT+D from main screen. Enter password when prompted, press Enter. Enter new time (military time) and date. Press Enter.

Macro Voice: Go to voice mail computer. Press ALT+S from main screen. Enter password when prompted, then Enter. Press YY then press the F3 key when prompted. Enter time, press Enter. Type A for AM or P for PM, then Enter. Type STARTUP, press Enter and press the F2 key when prompted. Once prompted to press any key, do so.

How can I adjust the volume or the contrast on my phone?

While on a call, press HOLD. Access another outside line and dial the number of the party to be included then press CONF to connect all parties.

To add an extension to a conference call, put your call on hold, then dial the extension you wish to add and press CONF.

To drop out of a conference call, press FLASH or ON/OFF.

What is the code for setting up and removing DND on my phone?

DND is the abbreviation for Do Not Disturb. When you activate DND, calls are stopped from coming to your extension.

DBS: To activate/deactivate, press ON/OFF and then dial 73, then press ON/OFF again.

576: To activate/deactivate, press ON/OFF and then dial 720, then press ON/OFF again.

How do I access a voice mailbox for an employee that left?

Sometimes when an employee leaves a company, the password to their voice mailbox is the last thing on your mind.

DOS Amanda: To change a mailbox security code, first go to the Voicemail Computer and press Alt + U. Enter your Password when prompted then press Enter. Press Alt + T and select mailbox using the arrow keys. Once the mailbox is highlighted, press Enter. Use the arrow key to move cursor to Security Code field, where you can then enter a new password. Press the cursor key 2 times after typing the last digit of the new security code. Press Alt + S to save, then Y for yes. Lastly, press Esc to exit user screen.

I moved one extension to a new location (jack) and the phone is not working.

To move an extension to a different jack, a Bestcom technician needs to come out and properly wire the extension to the new phone jack.

Where can I purchase a headset compatible with my phone system and how do I connect it?

Bestcom offers different types of Plantronic headsets depending on your needs. We offer wireless headsets, headsets with only one ear cusion, no ear cusion, etc. Contact Bestcom for pricing and more information on what types are available.

576: To use your compatible headset, you will first have to program a Headset button. First press the ON/OFF button, then PROG. Press the button on your phone you would like to setup as a Headset key. Press Redial * dial 35, press the HOLD button and then the ON/OFF button again.

DBS: To use a headset you will need to have the headset mode activated on your phone. When the mode is turned off, the headset is inoperative. To activate the headset, press ON/OFF, dial #51 and press ON/OFF again. The same code turns Headset mode on and off.

Some employees have left, how do I change the phone's display name?

The display name is the name the phone shows when you use the intercom. To change the display name, you will first have to get your port number.

DBS: You can use any display phone. Press ON/OFF, Conf, dial extension number and the port number will appear on the second line of the display. Press ON/OFF when complete. Once you have your port number, you can only program the names from the main attendant phone, usually extension 10 or 100.
Press ON/OFF, press Program, dial #2, then enter the port number. Press AUTO to move cursor to the left and erase current name or number. Use dial pad to enter each letter (ex, for letter B press 2 twice). Press FLASH after each letter, thwen complete, press FLASH, HOLD to store, then ON/OFF.

576: You can use either a large-display or small display phone. Press ON/OFF, Program **9999. Dial 8103 and press HOLD, and HOLD. Then you dial the extension number and press HOLD. Enter the extension name. If you are using a large display phone, press the soft key next to the desired row of letters and if your using a small display phone, press the approriate one-touch key. If you need to clear any existing data, press the FLASH key. Press # to enter a space. Press HOLD to store the entry, if you need to continue changing names, scroll with the Volume key. When complete press AUTO and then ON/OFF to exit.

What precautions should I take if there is a hurricane warning?

Your Panasonic telephone system will have a power switch on the front of the KSU this will have a green light above or below this switch toggle this switch to the OFF position. The light will go off, remove the power cord from the wall outlet. Please note that your telephones will not work without power, once power is restored plug the power cord into the wall outlet and toggle the power switch on the Panasonic KSU to the ON position.

If you have an Amanda or Panasonic Courier voicemail system you will need to login to the voicemail system and go to Shut Down, once the system is shut down toggle the power switch on the computer to OFF. The computer will be plugged into a battery backup, or UPS, you will need to toggle the power off and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, please label this cord. When the power is restored plug the power cord back into the wall and toggle the power switch on the battery back or UPS to the on position then toggle the Amanda computer power switch to the ON position. The voicemail will reboot and return to service.