The biggest problem for the phone service after a hurricane is the loss of commercial power.

First you will need to contact your phone service provider and arrange and setup call forwarding.

This will allow you to forward calls offsite to a cell phone in the event you cannot access your office or you have no power for an extended period.

If you normally use the phone system to forward calls after hours this will not work if the phone system has no power so it will be necessary to contact your service provider 

During the storm, there will be power surges and power spikes.

It is recommended to disconnect the phone system and any other electronic appliances from the power grid.

Your ESI system is generally powered thru a battery backup, or UPS, which may be a labeled Tripp light, Minuteman or APC that is either mounted on the wall or on the floor below the ESI phone system. There will be a power button on the UPS, toggle this to OFF position and unplug this unit from the wall outlet. Please note that your telephones will not work without power, once power is restored, plug the cord into the wall outlet and toggle the UPS power button to the ON position, the ESI telephone system may take as long as 10 minutes to completely boot up.

If you are using a generator make sure you use a line conditioner before connecting it to the ESI phone system, most battery backups also include line conditioners.

Bestcom will be closed as soon as a hurricane warning goes into effect and we will reopen when the authorities say it is safe to return to work. 

We will have a technician on call to help with any phone issues if needed.