Important information from Bestcom This letter is to inform you effective 1-1-2010 Panasonic are no longer going to supply parts or technical support for the Digital Business System product line. The DBS products included in this announcement are as follows: DBS 308, DBS 616, DBS 32 port, DBS 40, 72, 96 ports, DBS 576, DBS 576HD also Panasonic IFM and courier voice mail systems. Many of the Panasonic systems were installed with Amanda DOS or Windows 2000 voice mail systems these are also discontinued and the hardware will not be supported when the computer breaks. Bestcom has a good supply of maintenance parts for the Panasonic DBS; however we will no longer receive any manufacturer support and we have no replacement parts for the voice mail systems, if and when they fail we may be scrambling to restore service. This may be time to consider changing to a new ESI telephone system. With a new ESI system you will get a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, and you can select up to date apps, such as caller ID, voice mail with unified email messaging, VoIP, computer integration, video integration , call logging, call detail reporting and over a hundred advanced easy to use features. We at Bestcom know the economy has negatively affected most businesses however we may be able to help you find ways to reduce your over all communications costs. We have access to some very competitive leasing companies as well as local / long distance service providers that work with us to provide significant savings on voice and internet services. We can provide to you, a free analysis of your phone and internet charges; in most cases we can significantly lower your monthly bill to offset new equipment costs for a very favorable ROI. During 2010 Bestcom will be celebrating 27 years in business, and we will make every effort to continue support and stock replacement parts for the Panasonic DBS. Please call us for an appointment or if you have any questions, visit our new website: