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The smart way to manage incoming faxes Introduction Fax communications are still a primary means of transmitting documents from business to business, but they don’t easily lend themselves to organization and archiving. In recent years, several means of receiving faxes to an e-mail inbox have been developed; most of them primarily convert the fax to a bitmapped image format (such as TIFF) and then e-mail it. This results in several problems: these methods aren’t usually a part of the phone system, which means your customers lose visibility, security, and control over faxes coming into their businesses; the bitmapped images usually produce very large files; and many business PCs don’t readily have the software to view the images. To help rectify this imbalance of usability and manageability, ESI’s IP Server 900 business communications system includes a fax over e-mail feature. It automatically converts incoming faxes to documents in the almost universally used Portable Document Format (PDF), and e-mails them to a pre-defined address where they can be viewed, printed, archived, or forwarded as necessary. Most PCs can easily open PDF documents for viewing, and the file sizes are usually much smaller than the bitmapped image files that other solutions use to e-mail faxes. The IP Server 900 supports a maximum of two simultaneous fax over e-mail sessions. This capability is used only for inbound fax transmissions; the system currently has no outbound e-mail to fax (or desktop faxing) capability.   Flexible faxing for every office VoIP fax services that can eliminate that old fax machine An integral part of a unified communications solution is a flexible and easy-to-use VoIP fax service. Not all faxing solutions are equal. Often, they require proprietary software to view or send information in a consistent manner. ESI offers both virtual fax and Fax2Fax solutions to meet your business’s specific fax needs. Faxing choices to suit your needs Virtual fax — Fax in seconds without ever leaving your desk. You can receive faxes in your e-mail and/or send faxes as e-mail attachments. It’s simple, private, secure, and good for the environment. Fax2Fax — Still need a conventional fax machine in your business? Connect it with the VoIP world by simply plugging it into an analog telephone adapter, creating true fax-to-fax functionality. Just drop in the fax, dial the number, and press Send as you always have — with no computer required. – See more at: