• ESI-Link joins your ESI systems together across your wide area network (WAN) or the Internet, so they operate seamlessly as one system.
  • ESI systems are sharing data and instantly updating user status informationa bout employees at each of your locations.
  • Just one glance at your phone tells you if a co-worker at any location is on the phone or available.
  • With one touch of a programmable key, you're connected, no matter where that person's phone is located.


Additional Info

Gone are the days when branch offices were limited in their ability to work together. With Esi-Link, businesses with multiple offices can operate more efficiently and productively to remain competitive and maximize profitability. The advantages of Esi-Link aren’t limited tosmall and medium-sized businesses. A larger enterprise can take advantage of all the features and functionality Esi-Link provides between satellite locations.

Multiple ESI business phone systems can be interconnected across an enterprise’s dedicated WAN, creating virtually seamless connectivity among multiple offices. While some competing systems are unable to provide more than bare-bones phone features in such arrangements, Esi-Linked distant extensions operate as though they were local, providing one-button and abbreviated dialing, simplified call transfer, multi-system hold, conference calling, and message sharing.