ESI Mobility

To stay competitive, your organization’s high-performing employees need options to stay productive and accessible without being constantly tied to a desk. Plus, as a business, you must be able to maintain and protect company data and ensure your employees are accessible even while on the road. Employees are often using personal phones while on the road for business transactions, which the business has no visibility into. They need a solution that offers them the ability to use their personal device, yet remain connected to the corporate communication system, enabling them to leverage business information for every call. In addition, businesses often lose access to client information when customers are contacted outside of the business system. Businesses need an option that offers insight into employee and client interactions even while on the road. That solution is ESI Ditto™.

Benefits of ESI Mobile Applications

  • Increased Productivity – Your team will never miss an important call again with ESI Ditto. All calls are routed to their mobile phones while they are in the field as if they were in the office. Plus they have access to the full contact directory in the office and ability to record and transfer calls simply from their mobile Ditto application.
  • Secure Company Data – Maintain control of contacts and interactions with customers using ESI Ditto™ while employees are remote or working on the road.
  • Monitor Employee Performance – With Ditto you maintain visibility into employee business performance even while your team is on the go. ESI Ditto offers insight into call statistics, call recording, and maintains a single business number as an access point for customers and partners.
  • Employee Privacy – Because our mobile applications use Single Number Reach, there is no need for your staff to share their personal phone numbers with colleagues or customers. Calls to their regular extensions are routed to their mobile devices, and outgoing calls show only the desk phone number on the receiver’s Caller ID.

Ditto™ Features

  • Intelligent Integration   + ESI Intelitouch™, the unique, seamless handoff between the phone system and desktop or mobile interface that only ESI can provide, delivers a truly unified communications experience.
  • Call Recording   + Record calls from your mobile device and save them directly to your company’s network.
  • Call Management   + Don’t sacrifice basic and advanced call features just because you’re away from the office. Transfer, park, place, and put calls on hold directly from your mobile device. Easily set up call forwarding or Do Not Disturb (DND) remotely.
  • Aggregated Contact   + Sync your mobile device to your account to view your contacts while on the go.
  • Mobile Device Support   + Access the features you know and love on your tablet and smartphone from a single account
  • Single Number Reach (SNR)   + Keep your personal mobile number private. Make and receive calls from your smartphone, with only your work number visible to the person on the other line.
  • Voicemail Notification   + Forget calling into your voice mail system to check for messages when you’re out of the office. You’ll receive a notification on your device when callers leave voice mail messages on your office extension