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My phone system is not working.

If there seems to be no power on going to the phones, check the outlet the phone system is plugged into. If the system is plugged into a battery backup/UPS, make sure it is turned on and that it is plugged into a working power outlet. Try to bypass the battery backup/UPS by plugging the phone system directly into the wall outlet. You may have a bad battery in the battery backup/UPS. To ensure the phone system is not at electrical risk, replace the battery backup/UPS as soon as possible.

If the phones and the phone system have power, try calling the telephone numbers that are connected to the phone system. If you get a busy signal or a service message from the service provider, contact your service provider. They can check the service remotely.

If you have power to the phone system and telephones, and hear ringing when you call your main telephone number, contact Bestcom for a tech to come on site. It could possibly a phone system issue or an issue with your carrier.

How do I change the time on my system?

Press PROGRAM, HOLD, enter Admin Password, then #. Press 1, 4, 1, then enter the time in 12 hour format (830 or 8:30) then #. Select am or pm with the scroll buttons, then press #. Enter date in 8 digit format (06202009 for 6/20/2009) then press #. Press # to confirm.

How do I change my auto attendant main greeting?

Main greeting recordings are usually done in Branch ID 1, please call Bestcom to confirm.

Press PROGRAM, HOLD. Enter Admin Passoword, then #. Press 6, 1 for Recordings. Enter branch ID: 1, then #, follow prompts to record and save.

How do I forward calls to different extension or my cellular phone?

To call forward your MAIN telephone number, contact your carrier.

To call forward your station (extension phone) to another station, press the CFWD button and then dial the extension number you would like your calls to be forward to, then #.

To forward your station to your cell phone, press CFWD and then dial the phone number (make sure you dial your line group code before entering the phone number, usually 9, or 8). Press # to confirm.

To remove call forwarding, press CFWD, then *.

How do I make a conference call?

While on a call, press the CONF button and then dial the number of the party you would like to add. Press CONF again to bring the party together. Continue this process until you have all parties tied together. Press FLASH to cancel/disconnect the last call made.

How do I retrieve a voice mail message that was deleted by mistake?

Press PROGRAM, then 9. This will initiate the recycle bin. You can then restore a deleted voice mail message. The recycle bin by default, holds the last 10 deleted messages. This can be adjusted.

How can I program my ESI phone to notify me that I have new voicemails?

You can program your station phone to automatically call your pager or cell phone when you have new voice mail messages.

To add telephone numbers, press PROGRAM, then 6 for the notifications menu. Press 2 to add a phone number, press 3 to add a pager number. Follow the prompts to add a new number, when adding a new number, you do not have to put a 9 in front of the number (or any other line group number). Press # to confirm.

To enable this feature, press PROGRAM, 6, 1, 1.
To disable this feature, press PROGRAM, 6, 1, 0.

What is the Day/Night button?

The Day/Night button is used to change the answer mode of the phone system. The button toggles through Day, Night, Day2, Night2, HDay, and Auto. If there is a scheduled time programmed that the phones starts ringing and stops ringing, the system should remain in Auto mode. The the HDay is displayed, callers will hear the holiday greeting.

What is the difference between hold and exclusive hold?

A call placed on HOLD is accessible from any phone on the system. EXCLUSIVE HOLD keeps the caller only on the extension that placed the call on hold. When you have a call and press hold for one full second, you will see on the display EXCLUSIVE HOLD and other stations are not able to pick up that call. To retrieve the exclusive held call press the HOLD key for one full second and the call will be retrieved.

How can I listen to my messages when I'm not in the office?

Call your main telephone number, when the main greeting answers, press * and your extension number in rapid sequence. If an operator picks up rather than a main greeting, have that person press the blue VOICE MAIL button on their phone and then hang up. Then you can press * and your extensions number.

How do I transfer a call to someone out of the office?

While on a call, press TRANSFER, then choose a line (or press 9) + the phone number. You can hang up to transfer directly or you can speak with the person who will be receiving the transferred call first then hang up to connect the two parties. If the person does not answer or simply denies the call, press the FLASH button to return to the original caller.

How do you page through the phone system?

Press # then 0. Phones that are in use or in DND mode will not carry the page. If your phone system is tied to an overhead paging system, dial 599 to make your announcement.

How do I program an extension button on my phone?

Press and hold a programmable button for 3 seconds. The phone will announce if the button is already programmed. Enter an extension number or 9+phone number (by default, 9 is a the line group code for outside calls). Then press the same programmable button again to complete the programming.

If you press and hold a programmable button for a couple seconds, then press the HOLD button, it will clear the programming for that programmable button.

Where is my recorded message located?

When you record a call using the RECORD button, you will find the recording in your voice mailbox.

How do I change the greeting in a guest/info mailbox?

Press PROGRAM, *, then the mailbox number to access the mailbox menu. After you enter your password (default password is the same as the mailbox number), follow the prompts to record greetings.

How can I program my phone so when people call my extension, my phone rings instead of direct intercom?

Press PROGRAM, 3, 5, 0 to have your phone ring on intercom calls.

Press PROGRAM, 3 , 5, 1 to enable hands free answer mode on intercom calls.

How do I create a holiday greeting?

Press PROGRAM, HOLD, then the Admin Password. Press 6, 1 and enter Branch ID 540, then #. Follow the prompts to record the holiday greeting.

The phone system must be set to HDAY mode.

Some employees have left, how do I change the phone's display name?

Press PROGRAM, HOLD, then the Admin Password. Press 3, 2, 1 and enter the extension number to program, then #. Enter the name using the dial pad, press # after each letter and ## to confirm the name. Use 1 for space, and hold the arrow keys to move the cursor on the display.

I moved one extension to a new location (phone jack) and the phone is not working.

To move an extension to a different jack, a Bestcom technician needs to come out and properly wire the extension to the new phone jack.

Where can I purchase a headset compatible with my system and how do I connect it to my phone?

Bestcom offers different types of Plantronic headsets depending on your needs. We offer wireless headsets, headsets with only one ear cusion, no ear cusion, etc. Contact Bestcom for a pricing and more information on what types of headsets are available.

What is the Admin Password?

Contact Bestcom, 800.654.8507.

How do I add/delete people in my directory?

If you have a traditional directory setup in your automated system, follow these instructions. If you have an information mailbox where you have recorded a list of extensions, please contact Bestcom so that we can provide you more detailed instructions.

Press PROGRAM, HOLD, and enter your Admin Password. Press 6, 2. Enter the extension number of the person you want to add to the directory. Follow the prompts to record the name. After making the recording, the system will ask you for a key, if you have a Dial-By-Name directory, you will want to enter 3 numbers corresponding to the first three letters of the person’s first or last name. (ex, for Mike, enter 645, then # to confirm)

What precautions should I take if there is a hurricane warning?

Your ESI system is powered through a battery backup, or UPS, which may be a labeled Tripplight or Minuteman that is either mounted on the wall or on the floor below the ESI phone system. There will be a power button on the UPS, toggle this to OFF position and unplug this unit from the wall outlet. Please note that your telephones will not work without power, once power is restored, plug the cord into the wall outlet and toggle the UPS power button to the ON position, the ESI telephone system may take as long as 10 minutes to completely boot up.

How do I setup my Remote IP Phone?

Click here to learn how to setup your Remote IP Phone.

We are closing in observance of the holiday, what changes should I make to the phone system?

At the phone that has the Day/Night key you will see the current operating mode in the telephone’s display press the Day/Night key you will see the mode change in the telephone’s display.

If you use the [Auto] Mode or [Day] Mode the system will need to be changed to the **Night mode prior to leaving for the holiday when you return to the office change the system back to the normal operating Mode.**Note if you have recorded a holiday greeting change the system to the holiday mode.

If you forward your lines to an answering service just forward as you would when the office is closed.